Cube-it Chair-SDC,Cube-it 椅,北歐設計

Cube-it Chair-SDC

All of Life is a state of temporary and only apparent stability. Nevertheless, we usually rely on a chair to support us without question.

Though it is in fact very conventional in its actual structure, the Cube-It Chair calls this mental laziness to attention by juxtaposing and intersecting two regular cubic spaces that seem to rest against each other in order not to fall. This results in a sensation of potential instability, reminding us that the stability of the world that we take for so much for granted, is only a temporal illusion.

As a sculptural piece within an architectural setting, the aesthetics of the chair are visually as close to the abstract concept of a chair as possible. Functionally however, the Cube-It offers a normal degree of comfort, lumbar support and usability, allowing it for example to be used as a dining chair.

Balance Chair,SDC,平衡椅,北歐設計   

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