Space Design

At Scandinavian Designers,
Spatial Design  is divided into
4 services:


Scandinavian ExperienceSpace®
Design of space where people go to ENJOY to SPEND TIME. It’s main aim it to attract visitors.  This will typically be Cafés, Galleries, Showrooms, Sample and Show Houses, Hotels, Culture-Creative Businesses, Beauty, Health and Well-Being Services, Branding Spots, Pop-up Businesses etc. It includes Exhibition Design.
ExperienceSpace® is mainly aimed to serve 1) Brand Business Clients and 2) Public and Private Organisations such as Central and Local Governments, Museums, Gallery Owners etc.

Scandinavian ServiceSpace®
Design  of space where people go ENJOY to SPEND MONEY. It’s main aim is to attract customers. This will typically be Shops, Stores, Service Points and Restaurants. It includes Trade Show Booth Design.

ServiceSpace® is mainly aimed to serve 1) Retail Business Clients such as Sales, Trade, Services and Hospitality and 2) Public and Private Organisations such as Central and Local Government Promotion and NPO and NGO’s.

Scandinavian WorkingSpace®
Design for space where people go to WORK to EARN MONEY like Offices, Workplaces, Production Facilities etc. This will typically be administration offices, trading companies, workshops, factories.

WorkingSpace® is mainly aimed to serve Commercial and Professional Business Clients such as Administration and Representation Offices and Production Facilities

Scandinavian HomeMakers®
Design of space where people LIVE. This will typically be houses and homes for Families, Singles and Couples. It includes Experimental, Sample and Show Houses.

HomeMakers® is mainly aimed to serve 1) Private Clients and 2) Construction Companies


Associated with ServiceSpace® is a special service we call Scandinavian TotalRetail®. This is a dedicated service for the Business Client who needs to integrate all Touch Points of their business to communicate a strong and coordinated Visual Identity to their consumers, customers or clients. At TotalRetail® we design every part of the Retail Experience, from the shop itself, the product display, signage, labels, Logo & CIS, packaging and shopping bags, to uniforms, vehicle livery etc. We can start with a Company Evaluation and develop a Brand Strategy with you, and we can support Corporate Training for your employees and shop personnel to make sure the whole company upgrades together.

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