WHY Total Retail?

There are 4 main reasons
WHY we launched this service:


while for the last decade customers have been used to having money to spend, currently the economy is slowing down more and more every year. According to the reports, 90% of the revenue of the country is in the hands of 10% and 80% 0f turnover in department stores is generated by 20% of the visitors.

Consequentially, from the point of view of the business owner, a majority of ordinary people in Taiwan today are going out “to browse, not to shop”. Typically, for example they will spend a day of the weekend at a department store as an alternative outing, a kind of local tourism sightseeing opportunity; enjoying the comforts, sights and eating opportunities, but only buying smaller items on impulse.


the new generation of younger customers are looking more for better experiences than “better value-for-money products”. They will for example typically go to café to enjoy the comfort, A/C and Wi-Fi not to enjoy either good food and drink or good service. Many cafés therefore now offer pleasant interiors, but very mediocre products and services.


a new generation of younger company owners is emerging who focus more on creating a business which caters to the sociocultural trends of their generation rather than on cost-down products manufactured by their parents. Only a few who understand and exploit these trends as a business opportunity are successful at both. Stores like Eslite have understood this trend very precisely.


this means that consumer habits are changing. Summing up a very complex situation in a very simple way they are visiting shops to spend time, not to spend money.  Much to the frustration of the retailer, they are also spending the time of the personnel without making sufficient purchases to make the business as profitable any longer.


The result
is a more and more polarised retail sector, with on the one hand, discount models with very limited services and low level experiences catering to people’s basic needs and, on the other, luxury models catering to people’s desires with a better level of services and better planned experiences. 


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