Service Philosophy:
Your Vision – Our Mission

Defining Scandinavian Design as Elegant Simplicity, we strive unceasingly to discover, bring out and express the uniqueness of our clients in every project.  We are motivated by a strong philosophy to Enable, Empower and Engage People to create A Better Life in a Better World. The excellence that permeates every detail of our design work is driven by the studio’s 30-year practice of  Sense, Skill, Style & Sustainability.

Our roots are firmly planted in the values of Classic Modernism in Danish Architecture and Design of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. Founded  in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1982, Scandinavian Design Consultants Co.,Ltd. has grown and developed into a world-class, international, creative company with services coordinating 3 business sections:
 1) Scandinavian Designers Studio,
2) Scandinavian Construction and
3) Scandinavian Strategic Consulting & Branding

What makes our services so outstanding, are their seamless integration into unique concepts across
THINKING: Strategy, Branding, & Futures Management
4D: Architecture, Space & Construction
3D: Industrial, Product & Packaging Design
2D: Communication, Graphic & CIS Design
INTEGRATION: Interdisciplinary services across all areas for Total Experience Management


Internationally Recognised Services:
From Bigger Ideas to Better Details

We are specialised in consulting for Strategic Business Upgrading & Development and in the design for Total Experience Management. For over 30 years, we have a continuous, successful record of serving clients from the Manufacturing, Trading, Retail, Cultural Creative and Public Sectors and of creating luxury homes for Private Clients. Over the years, our designs have won our clients both international recognition and design awards – among them iF (Germany), SMAU (Italy), G-Mark (Japan) and lnnoValue Excellence (Taiwan).


Nationally Certified Services:
One-Stop Shopping

Our exceptionally broad design portfolio covers the complete range of professional Design Services. We are officially certified by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs for services including: Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, Spatial Design and Fashion & Accessory Design, as well as Design Integration Services such as brand strategies, market research and trend analysis.

Apart from being a consultant to Taiwan’s IDB, TAITRA, Design Center and Taichung City’s Urban Planning Committee and Cultural Bureau, we have also provided the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) with strategic services: Benchmarking and Strategy for regional Industrial Service Development and a Master Plan for a National Advanced Research Park. We are therefore confident to serve you in 7 areas:

Future management, company evaluation, strategic leadership, IP management, human resource development, etc.

Strategy, creation, development, design & implementation, corporate training, etc.

Architectural Design:
Design, development, environmental design, Exterior Design management & construction, etc.

Space Design:
Retail, interior, exhibition design & creation of private homes, etc.

Industrial Design:
Brand products, consumer products, life & medical devices, machinery, etc.

Commercial Design:
Visual Identity, packaging, livery, signs, labels, etc.

Graphic Design:
Logos, CIS & communication etc.


Client in the Centre:
A Creative Partnership

Most importantly however, OUR goal is to help YOU to realise YOUR dreams. For our business clients, the projects we designed been profitable investments, helping them to establish strong brand images and build ever-more successful businesses. For our private clients, the projects we have created  together have become enduring homes for their families and a lasting pleasure to their sensibilities.

That is the meaning of our slogan: Your Vision – Our Mission


For further understanding of what we can do for you,
please visit our THINK, DESIGN, ACT


Art Street Bazaar,Shop design, 藝術街店鋪設計,生活民族 Package design,Lavender Cottage, 產品包裝設計,薰衣草森林  Infinity-Line Barefoot Shoes,Asics(JP) ShinBao

Beolab Penta loudspeakers,Bang & Olufsen,Beolab ISTM-02 H-室內-03-結案 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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