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This group provides a dedicated and personal service to our private clients we have created a special group of specialists we call the Scandinavian HomeMakers®. Here, we use our extensive international experience and architectural background to help private clients to build their dream homes.

Our principles of Elegant Simplicity and Scandinavian Values are the guidelines for every project at Scandinavian Designers Studio® .  At Scandinavian HomeMakers® we strive to fulfill the ultimate to create meticulously planned, beautifully constructed and extremely comfortable homes for modern and quality-conscious people who appreciate beauty in every aspect of their lives. Our top priority is to create homes with lots of thought, warm materials and careful detailing in which families can thrive and grow; homes that are not only look good on delivery, but which will evolve and mature graciously with time, and also be a good, long-term investment.

Creating a new home is a creative partnership. We believe that the secret of partnership is the ability to listen. In this spirit, Scandinavian HomeMakers® involves you in conceiving every detail of your new home bringing a genuine concern for your needs, desires, interests and well-being.

The special quality of this service combines our sincere personal involvement in every client with care for the evolution of every detail of every one of our designs. 

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       Private Home 7A - Sticky,Cystal House,李公館豪宅,似水年華

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