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From West to East

The original mother company, Loewy Design Denmark ApS., was established in 1982 in Copenhagen, Denmark. For the first 20 years we focused mainly on Product Design and Strategic Consulting and served clients not only in Denmark but in Sweden, Italy, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Sri Lanka and Egypt . In 2002, we established a daughter company, Scandinavian Design Consultant Co., Ltd., to serve the growing Asian market from Taiwan. Already in 2003, it took over all international activities and in 2005 as one of the ‘Top 10 Industrial Design Firms’ by the Taiwan Design Center.

The Scandinavian Designers Studio, quickly became recognised as one of the leading Design Houses in Taiwan. Now, more than 10 years after opening in Taiwan and located at the heart of the charming  ‘International Art Street Cultural Creative District’ in Donghai, Taichung, we have diversified further into Architecture, Space and Construction as well as Branding, Communication and Graphic Design.

World-class design for over 30 years

Scandinavian Designers Studio® has over 30 years experience in design at the highest, international level. Our first client was the world-famous Danish company Bang & Olufsen A/S with whom we worked for almost a decade, developing not only products, but strategies and branding. Since then, our portfolio ranges from a pouring cap for Swedish TetraPak and produced in millions per month world-wide, to a unique EcoCycle® building designed for the Chinese Herbal Medicine Centre in Taiwan. Over the years we have both won international awards for premium companies in Europe, the US and in Asia, as well as working with crafts industries in the jungle in Sri Lanka, handmade furniture under the distant gaze of the Sphinx in Egypt  (literally) and to help launch start-ups in Taiwan.

Your Vision, Our Mission:

Scandinavian Designers Studio® delivers services in Strategic Consulting, Architecture & Space, Product & Packaging, Branding & Communication.

Our activities are therefore divided into 3 sections:

Scandinavian Branding (Transformation, Strategy & Communication)

Scandinavian Designers (Product, Packaging & Graphic)

Scandinavian Construction (Architecture, Space & Construction)


Combined, the goal of our consulting and design services have always been to upgrade our clients’ businesses through the strategic use of design. This service we call “design-led business development”.

Combined, the goal of our architectural and spatial design services have always been to provide our clients with meticulously conceived and detailed environments. This service we call experiences for Life”.

Integrated, our services provide our clients a
unique, interdisciplinary, professional Creative Platform.  

Wish Stone,WishPower, 許願石,圓子夢 Package design,Lavender Cottage, 產品包裝設計,薰衣草森林  Floating Workstation,Founder, 漂浮工作站,芳德企業

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