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Upgrading … BY DESIGN

At Scandinavian Design-led Business Development® we are specialists in corporate upgrading and deliver support in three areas: strategy, branding and design. Our ScandinavianPLUS® Total Experience Management System combines all three factors in into a single, powerful, strategic upgrading tool. Our systematic and simple, step-by-step approach turns the RISKS and the costs of change into REWARDS and a secure investment for the future.

integration … BY DESIGN

Scandinavian Designers Studio® has over 30 years experience in design at the highest level. Our first client was Bang & Olufsen with whom we worked for almost a decade, developing not only products, but strategies and branding. In this period, we were also commissioned to design for other leading Danish Design companies like Royal Copenhagen (a historical porcelain brand), Louis Poulsen (the leading lighting manufacturer) and B+D (a global fashion brand of the era).

Over the years, our portfolio has expanded and now ranges from the simple PRODUCT DESIGN of a pouring cap for Sweden’s TetraPak produced in millions per month world-wide, to SYSTEMS DESIGN of a specialized surveillance camera system produced for the global market by Tamron in Japan and Ernitec in Denmark; from TOTAL EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT integrating strategy & branding, retail & display design & construction and product, graphic & packaging design for the Lavender Cottage hospitality brand in Taiwan, to COMPANY LAUNCH including the concept, branding, naming, design, packaging, graphics and mechanical engineering of hand-held electronic device for WishPowers in Taiwan.

coordination … BY DESIGN

Our mission is to help our clients take their NextStep® – whoever, wherever they may be, and whatever combination of services they require.  Most important is that our collaboration is a partnership and that the result helps our clients to develop and grow.

Designing better products does not help a business by itself. Business is about people. There are therefore many other vital aspects that have to be considered and designed, from the beginning of the process in Human Resource Management and Development to the end in Branding and Marketing Communication. This is why we provide ONE-STOP SERVICES at Scandinavian Designers.

transformation … BY DESIGN

Our goal is always to bring real value to both consumers and companies. Our goal has always primarily been to boost our client’s businesses through the strategic use of design: design-led business development. Our time-proven method is Strategic InnoCreativity®, driven by our own Original Concept Manufacturing® (OCM) concept and facilitated through our unique BestFitDesign® strategic upgrading tools. 

Over the years we have won international awards for premium companies in Europe, the US and in Asia, but also worked with crafts industries in Sri Lanka, small furniture companies in Egypt and helped upgrade SME’s and launch start-ups in Taiwan. Whether our clients are Big & Famous or Humble & Small is NOT the question for us, but COMMITMENT, PASSION & SUCCESS TOGETHER.


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AmphiTheatre 46″ LCD TV, TECO, 46 吋LCD旗艦電視,東元電機   Touring and Comfort Comfort Bicycle Saddles, WTB, 舒適自行車座墊,美國 WTB    Beolab 3000 & 5000 4500 loudspeakers, B&O, Beolab 3000 & 5000 4500 音響,丹麥B&O

Beocom 1000 & 2000, B&O Telecom, Beocom 1000 & 2000 系列電話,丹麥B&O


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