Design Director


Born in England
Emigrated to Denmark 1968
Emigrated to Taiwan 2002

MDes. & MArch. in Architecture & Industrial Design, Royal Academy of Art & Architecture, Denmark, 1981

Areas of Competence

Design-Led Business Development; Design Management, Consultancy and Knowledge Transfer. Industrial Design; Service Design; Experience Design; Commercial Design & Branding; Communication Design; Architectural Design; Retail Design & Exhibition Design; Space & Interior Design; National & Regional Development and Design Policy.


Architect M.A. and Designer MDD, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Institute of Design, Copenhagen, Denmark 1981 / Own studio since 1982 / Member of Board of Danish Design Association from 1990 – 2002 & Vice-President 1999 – 2002 / Speaker at ICSID congresses since 1995 / Advisor to Danish Government concerning Design Policy.


Associate Professor and Program Director at iDEAS! Feng Chia University, Taiwan since 2002 / Principle and Design Director of Scandinavian International Design Consultants Co. Ltd. Taiwan since 2002 / Advisor to ICSID Educational Committee 2001-3 / Member of CIDA since 2002 / Consultant to TAITRA since 2003 / Consultant to IEK/ITRI 2009 & 2012 / Korea Visiting Professor Seoul National University 2007 -8

Growing up in London of the 1950’s; inspired by Scandinavian Design of the 1960’s; studying in Denmark of the 1970’s; designing for the world’s most famous, hi-end audio-visual product company Bang & Olufsen in the 1980’s; working in the Europe, US and Asia of the globalising 1990’s; a prominent designer in Taiwan in the 2000’s; a strategic consultant in the 2010’s, Gideon Loewy is a design entrepreneur whose professional career has straddled across the eras of Minimalism, Post-Modernism and Globalism, and whose private life is a vibrant and kaleidoscopic meld of Eclectic Inter-Culturalism.

In 1982, Loewy founded “Scandinavian Designers”, an independent design company in Copenhagen, Denmark. The studio later opened offices in Taiwan and S. Korea. Over the years they have serviced clients in Europe, Asia and in the US. Twenty years later, in 2002, Loewy became a professor of Design in Taiwan and also became Design Director at the “Scandinavian Designers” multidisciplinary studio in Taichung. With his over 30 years of experience as a consultant to both the private and public sectors, he has developed many management models to give companies and organisations both direction and competitive advantage.

Working with Strategic Development, Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship, Branding as well as Architecture, Space Design, Industrial Design, Communication Design, Loewy has an unusually broad insight into business, design and entrepreneurship both in the East and the West. He has won awards such as the iF Award (Hanover), SMAU (Milano), G-Mark (Japan) and the Design Excellence Award (Taiwan). As a consultant, he has been prominent in the formulation of a National Policy for Design in Denmark, in the establishment of the world-famous Index: Design Award and in National Development in Taiwan. Today, after an exciting, international, professional career spanning over more than 3 decades and 4 continents, he is founder of the emerging discipline of Future Design and one of the world’s few internationally recognised Design Philosophers.

Loewy is a dedicated and passionate teacher and has developed a unique curriculum and a teaching method specially tailored to the Taiwanese context. Before he came to help found the iSTM at Feng Chia University, he was elected by his students at Chao Yang University of Technology as “Best Teacher in the University”. Every year, he is also invited to give keynote speeches at International Conferences to bring a global perspective to issues such as Creativity, Culture and Creative Industries, Sustainability, Business Ethos, Future Studies, Strategic Development and Design Thinking to global audiences. His research focuses on Mind & Thinking, Intelligence & Creativity, Ethos, Governance, Sustainability and “InnoCreativity” – design-led business development combining creativity, technology and culture.

International Awards

IF- award, Germany

SMAU Prize, Italy

G-Mark, Japan

Hi-Fi Import of the Year, Japan

Brutus Prize, Japan

Taiwan Excellence


Taiwan National Design Awards 2001

JAMe Design Competetion, Korea, 2003

Korea Industrial Design Awards, 2007

Computex Taipei (iF), 2009

International Bicycle Design Competition, 2009 & 2011

Lite-On Awards 2012 & 2013

Research Fields

Design Theory & Philosophy / Thinking Process and Tools / Tools for Managing Design Thinking & Creativity / Methodology for Developing Creativity in Design Practice / Business Development through Design Management / Design as a Cultural & Creative Industry in the Knowledge-Based Economy / Branding / Regional Development in Globalization.

One thought on “Design Director

  1. Dear Gideon

    I hope you are good. It has been a very long time. You are doing well i see and i am happy about it. I finished my 8 year professorship and now i have retired. Suite me good to have more time for design research and grand children. The research concerns a broad perspective on design offering both individual and aggregated solutions.
    Hope to see you


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