Design Concept

Designing Today
in the Light o
f Tomorrow,
since 1982

Scandinavian Values:
People at the Centre

The philosophy of Scandinavian Designers® is that Design is about Life. For us, the key to good design is to focus on: People, People and People. It is people who use design; people who buy design; people who live with design. It is people who need, want and desire design. And it is people who create, develop and make design. People are the core of every business.

Good Design:
People First™

Our credo is therefore that Good Design means People First™.  For us, Good Design is to ‘Empower, Enable and Engage People through Excellence in Deliveries’ – both ours and yours. Good Design empowers people to transform their world. Good Design enables people to achieve a Better Life. Good Design engages people in the creation of a Better World. And Good Design is excellence in every aspect of the transformation that the product, service or experience delivers. At Scandinavian Designers®, Good Design is our passion, commitment and responsibility.

Creativity, Innovation, Originality:
Design for a Better Life in a Better World

The secret of design from Scandinavian Designers® is  harmony between Life, Culture and Nature. For over 40 years, we have studied Life, the Scandinavian Way-of-Life and Global Life-Styles. To produce a Good Design we strive to create the ‘BestFit’ between the requirements of Planet (Environment), People (Ethics), Prosperity (Equity), Process (Efficiency), Production (Economy) and Product (Effect, Esthetics & Excellence). Combining creativity and innovation to create originality, a simple test of Good Design in Industrial Design is when people experience products as the integration of  ‘Cool Technology’ into ‘Hot Products’ from ‘Warm-hearted Companies’.

Scandinavian Design:
Business – Branding – Design

Scandinavian Designers® is a world-class, creative design consultancy with over 30 years experience providing design-led business development services to premium, international clients. We are specialised in upgrading and deliver support in three areas: company and human resource development (business management), business concept development (branding), and project development (design). Our unique BestFitDesign™ process and ThinkingCAPS™ creativity management method combine all three factors in into a single, powerful, strategic upgrading tool.

Design Excellence:
a Business Development Service

Officially certified by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs with a ‘Taiwan Design ISO’ since 2005, our exceptionally broad design portfolio covers the complete range of professional Design Services including Industrial Design (product, furniture & green design), Visual Communication Design (commercial, graphic and packaging design), Spatial Design (interior architecture, commercial space and exhibition design) and Fashion & Accessory Design, as well as Design Integration Services such as brand strategy, market research and trend analysis. Since 2000 our portfolio has been expanded to include Architectural Design and Building Construction services.

Delivering Success:
the Client at the Centre

Over the years, our designs have won our clients both international recognition and design awards – among them iF (Germany), SMAU (Italy), G-Mark (Japan) and InnoValue Excellence (Taiwan). More importantly however, the products we designed for our industrial clients have been profitable investments for them, helping them to establish strong brand images and build ever-more successful businesses while the homes we have designed for our private clients, have helped them to create comfortable, beautiful and healthy living environments for their families and work.

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