YuFang Dajia Bright Shop

The YuFang “Bright Shop” project was designed and constructed on the corner of a major junction located within 50 meters of the Dajia Matsu Temple, a famous pilgrimage site and major tourist attraction in Taiwan. The brief for this project was to create a landmark location to celebrate 40 years of business in the brand’s hometown. The building is in two storeys, the first was designated for shopping and the second for VIP brand promotion. Our goal was to create another outstanding YuFang “snack-shopping experience” strategically placed on the tourist routes between the coach and car parking lots serving the temple.


To achieve the project goals required a complete rebuild of the location. Though the fact that it was a rental would normally limit the budget, we agreed to start with a complete deconstruction of the existing building down to the bare bones to reveal the original floors, columns, and beams. The process uncovered many worn-out layers of refurbishment and repurposing built on top of each other that over many years had greatly reduced the functionality of the space. Stripping the structure back to its skeleton allowed us to start afresh, to build a completely new façade and interior and to create a contemporary flagship experience for the brand.


The ground floor shopping area is characterised by irregularly angled walls, a series of columns supporting an almost 4-meter-high beamed ceiling and an angled, covered entrance. The ochre yellow columns and arcade give the space a Mediterranean feel. The second storey VIP experience area is defined by the same irregular angles and a huge, high ceiling spanning the entire space that slopes down toward large window openings with views to the road junction square. The spacious feel of this space accentuates exclusivity and luxury.

Ground Floor

Creatively utilising the existing columns and different beam heights of the ground floor as main features the design divides the space into two functional zones: a surrounding, internal arcade with a slightly lower ceiling, around a central plaza with a higher one. The columns toward the central plaza are detailed to accentuate the height of the space. The columns toward the façade are designed to connect the space to the exterior. Each set of columns defining the arcade connected is by a double radius arch that give them a classical feel while reducing arch height. The difference in height between the arcade and plaza also conceals the air conditioning system that blows into the plaza.

First Floor

Using the ceiling lights and concealed LED lighting to create a sky as the main decorative feature of the second storey helps to unify the VIP space around the central, angled beam. Embraced between two arms concealing the air conditioning system, the ceiling slopes down toward a window section that opens the whole way around the space. The ground and first floors are connected by a high-ceilinged, atrium stairwell centred around a ceiling-hung candelabra lighting a c-shaped staircase protected with wrought iron railings.


The new façade stands out, especially because of the signal colours: aquamarine and pink. The external columns are designed to accentuate the full height of the building while integrating the roof gutters and drainpipes and LED façade lighting and to create a depth and rhythm. The overall impression of the building is very different from others in the junction and in Dajia making it a sign for the brand in the cityscape.


The project helps YuFang Food Ltd. to stand out as a strong and confident brand in the highly competitive souvenir, food, and snack market.

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