Tricolore Sofa System,Strauss,Tricolore模組化沙發系統

Tricolore Sofa System-Strauss

The Tricolore Colour System is a carefully chosen palette allowing for traditional colour combinations, bright, contrast combinations as well as special range of colours that are in between the primary colours such as acid green, turquoise blue, orange, peach, pink, lilac, etc. No matter which system, or interplay of colours, they will all balance in the combination of three different hues. The Tricolore Sofa System can thus appear as a normal, a stylish or an avant-garde sofa.

System features

  • The sofa is sold via a dedicated website that can be utilised both by sales-personnel and privately.
  • The sofa system allows for individual customisation when ordering and choosing modules and colours.
  • The sofa is made up of 2 L-shaped elements plus a seat cushion that can all be combined individually from among a large range of colours, allowing the customer to create / choose own chair and sofa types and colour combinations when ordering via the internet.
  • Based on modular sections that can be bolted together, the elements can be combined to form a large variety of seating units from 1-person easy chair through extra-wide 1-person sofa to system sofa including chaise long and day-bed.
  • Modularisation allows for most pieces to be packaged in smaller units, requiring less space during transportation and storage.
  • Each L-shaped element has a removable cover, allowing for easy cleaning or replacement

Frame: particleboard, fibreboard, steam-pressed plywood; Zig-zag spring: steel; Seating: moulded high-resilient polyurethane cold foam, polyester wadding. Cover alternatives: leather: through dyed grain leather from cattle / textile: 67% cotton, 18% wool, 15% nylon. Fire-retarding inter-liner: 100% cotton Leg: steel, pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating. Feet: polyamide plastic Extra back cushions: filling of land fowl feathers and polyurethane foam to retain shape and flexibility.

Tricolore Sofa System,Strauss,Tricolore模組化沙發系統 Tricolore Sofa System,Strauss,Tricolore模組化沙發系統 Tricolore Sofa System,Strauss,Tricolore模組化沙發系統

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