Touring and Comfort Comfort Bicycle Saddles,WTB,舒適自行車座墊,美國WTB

Touring and Comfort Comfort Bicycle Saddles-WTB

This patented bicycle saddle, developed for WTB of California USA, combines three new Scandinavian Designers® patents: one the saddle rail, the second for saddle chassis and the third for materials and manufacture. Based on our usual in-depth anatomical research, this is another 360 degree design from Scandinavian Designers® and completely redefines the concept, functionality and appearance of the bicycle saddle. This model is a so-called comfort saddle and fits into WTB’s Freedom series and is designed for city and touring and with the torso inclined forward only up to an angle of max. 15 degree.

Based on the idea that a saddle should support and follow the natural, dynamic function of the human body in movement, the philosophy of this product is similar to that of the Infinity-Line barefoot shoes we designed for Taiwanese shoe manufacturer Shyang Shin Bao. The concept of the saddle is based on exhaustive studies of the whole human body as it works at pedalling a bicycle, and the functionality compliments the cyclic shifting of load and transfer of pressure while riding.

Implementing leading-edge material engineering, the rail provides shock absorption without the need for a separate rear spring. The unique, monocoque form of the saddle sub-chassis provides engineered tensional and torsional performance and the innovative use of hi-tech materials provides support while spreading load in a manner mirroring that of the fleshy tissue of the human physiognomy. It also offers unique manufacturing and structural functionality, providing a cup for the moulding of the hi-tech seat materials as well as aerodynamic engineering to a bicycle part that has never been designed for airflow before. The resulting design is an original copyright pattern of Scandinavian Designers®.


Touring and Comfort Comfort Bicycle Saddles,WTB,舒適自行車座墊,美國WTB Touring and Comfort Comfort Bicycle Saddles,WTB,舒適自行車座墊,美國WTB

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