Sewing Machines-Singer

The design of the  Singer project was the result of extensive Brand Gene Research.

We traced origins of modern Singer brand design back to a very distinctive design, Singer’s first electronic machine called the Athena 2000 from 1975, and created a new design that would revitalise the flagging brand by reconnecting their design with their past. At the same time, the project aimed to reposition our OEM client as an ODM service supplier to this global brand.

Based on existing sub-chassis’ we created a series of machines from a basic model to a computer model, shown here. All have large storage capacity big enough to store the foot pedal and long items such as scissors, and all have top cover that discretely covers the spool and the threading route.

The new brand design retained the character of the original Athena with its combination of unusual angles and curves while being completely modern in appearance.



3 thoughts on “Sewing Machines-Singer

  1. Beautiful design! This is a good melding of the 1975 Athena 2000 and a current 2012 sewing machine. I like the Singer name in letters on the top cover. And the traditional red Singer “S” on the upper left. I hope Singer executive’s see this and put it into production. The Singer brand needs all the help it can get to start repairing there damaged reputation of the last 35 years of poor quality machines.

  2. I have the original Athena 2000 machine. Why did you get rid of the self-winding bobbin? That was one of the best features. So convenient and easy to use, it could be left in place and used immediately, keeping the continuous flow of your project. It’s one of those features that once you get used to it, you embrace it as something modern and new. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

  3. This is Beautiful…
    This is the Direction singer should go.
    It 2023 soon 24′ Singer needs upper class set of Machines.

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