Lavender Cottage, shop in SOGO Department Store, Taichung, Taiwan (2011)

Lavender Cottage is a famous hospitality chain in Taiwan. Their locations are mainly in picturesque, countryside locations and their style is therefore “rustic”. They also run a sub-brand of “Well-Being Stores” called “Purple Hill Herbal Booth” carrying skin care, herbal care items and home-made soaps. From 2009 – 11 we completed a Total Design Project for them including Brand Strategy (2009), Display Design (2010) and Shop, Product and Packaging Design (2010 – 11).

This project was the Lavender Cottage’s first shop NOT in the country-side. This first urban location was in SOGO Department Store in Taichung, Central Taiwan. For this design we transferred their rural style to create a farm market feeling. The shelving, display windows, storage drawers and storeroom door were designed to look like the exterior of a European farmhouse, and the product display and service counter and customer service table were designed to look like furniture that had been moved outside to make a countryside market place.

The store was located on a floor of miscellaneous booths and stood out as the only one to have a clear concept and inviting layout. The brand concept was to create “People Pull” by 1) building up the store as a Brand Experience Point rather than as a product shop pushing products and 2) adding a customer service table with chairs around and a herbal tea canister where customers could sit and get personal service and advice from the store’s personnel.

This shop was the first Purple Hill store to stock the new Lavender Cottage packaging that we designed and were produced concurrently with the design and construction of the shop.



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