Infinity-Line Barefoot Shoes,Asics(JP) ShinBao

Infinity-Line Barefoot Shoes,Asics(JP) ShinBao

These patented experimental “barefoot” shoes were designed to demonstrate the ODM capabilities of Shyang Shin Bao to a long-term Japanese client.

The idea, patented by Scandinavian Designers® predates the current market trend for comfortable, light-weight sports shoes with good tactile contact to the “road”.

The design is based on in-depth anatomic and physiological studies, and the shoe is built up like a second skin, with expansion, contraction and torsion zones closely emulating the corresponding structural pattern of the skin and underlying musculature of the foot. The shoe is thus designed on an entirely new understanding of the whole body in dynamic movement and constant change. The function of the shoe is only to support the natural function of the foot, and its role as the launching, propulsion and landing platform of the body. Conceived as a “foot-glove”, the resulting shoe is therefore another 360 degree design from Scandinavian Designers® , a shoe with no “upper” or “sole” in the conventional manner and lines that envelop the foot in protective, elastic support system.

The “Infinity-Line” shoe is an original copyright pattern of Scandinavian Designers® Protected by three patents, one for structure and function, one for use of materials and one for appearance, the shoe is made of new materials and divided into zones with different tensional properties. Notably, the pads under the heel and ball of the foot are made of pressure-spreading materials that emulate the spreading ability of the fleshy pads of the foot, while a woven mesh under the arch can be tensioned by the closure mechanism to give maximum support and stability to the foot when in torsion.


Infinity-Line Barefoot Shoes,Asics(JP) ShinBao

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