ECSO Master Brand Culture Workshop

Scandinavian Designers NextStep© Corporate Training New Business and Brand Launch Workshop for Huan Mei ECSO, Taiwan.

The purpose and goal of this Corporate Training Workshop was to upgrade the Human Resources at ECSO Master from a Professional, B2B Service Company thinking, to the new thinking, leadership, management principles, Service Design and practical actions needed to launch and sustain a Personal, P2P and B2C Experience Brand. Using our proprietary NextStep© Brand Business methodology, the program was based on an in-depth analysis of the development stages of the company. Work spanned over several months and the concluding upgrading principles, steps, and activities were formulated in a ‘Future Business Plan and Report’ to the owners and leaders.

The upgrade journey was tailor-made to the client and addressed the difficulties of pushing a B2B technology-based service portfolio into the B2C service market. The workshop took the participants through the stages of business development from regional ‘Profit and Product-centred’ service supplier to the creation of an international-style, ‘People, Platform and Planet-centred’ concern.

The resulting gap in practice was bridged through a mindset shift in leadership principles and new qualitative success and governance accounting measures formulated. Finally, the participants were taken through “before, next and after” scenarios leading ECSO Master from incremental to disruptive innovator to facilitate an understanding of the change management steps programmed for the coming year. The workshop was concluded with a ‘Brand and Business Value Proposition formulation activity to double-check the success of the handover of the project to the client.

The client reported that the project and workshop has transformed their business.

From ESCO Master to AÎR Pure, branding & interior design project

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