Flagship shop,Nordic Window,信義誠品旗艦店,北歐櫥窗-11

Flagship Shop for Nordic Window at Eslite Department Store by 101, Taipei (2004)


In 2005 Nordic Window, an e-commerce based company in Taiwan asked us to design them a flagship shop in the design section of a high-profile shopping mall in the new commercial centre of Taipei .

Intended to create a Scandinavian environment to highlight the large collection of products marketed by our client, the shop is divided into 3 areas, a main space for products,a VIP area with more exclusive products and a sales zone linking the two.

The main space is designed in organic waves inspired by Alvar Aalto’s famous vase. Built in real, light-coloured Scandinavian beech wood this area contrasts with the calm elegance of the geometric VIP area with its display boxes and storage built in natural black wood and glass. Conversely, the flooring of the VIP is in light-coloured wood and that of the main area black stone while a monolith in black wood marks the entrance to the shop.

The result, a space unique not only in Taiwan but also on a global plane, is a distinctive experience that has been part of creating the very dynamic image of Nordic Window. A true window to the world of Nordic design the shop underlines and accentuates Nordic Window as a strong emerging brand in the Taiwan market.

Flagship shop,Nordic Window,信義誠品旗艦店,北歐櫥窗 Flagship shop,Nordic Window,信義誠品旗艦店,北歐櫥窗 Flagship shop,Nordic Window,信義誠品旗艦店,北歐櫥窗 Flagship shop,Nordic Window,信義誠品旗艦店,北歐櫥窗

Flagship shop,Nordic Window,信義誠品旗艦店,北歐櫥窗 Flagship shop,Nordic Window,信義誠品旗艦店,北歐櫥窗  

  Flagship shop,Nordic Window,信義誠品旗艦店,北歐櫥窗-11

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