AlgolTek Corporate Training

Leading and Managing Positive Change

The no.1 principle of SDC Corporate Training Programmes is that our objective is positive change for both the participants as the users and the company as the client. Our Project Success Criteria are that the participants upgrade in areas such as

  1. their knowledge of their industry & business, market & business environment
  2. their understanding of their company’s organisation as a system
  3. their thinking about potential futures & experience of the creativity in innovation
  4. their experience of application of positive change management

Our Objectives and Key Results are that the company experiences positive change in areas such as

  1. strategic leadership, goal setting, change management & operational modelling
  2. core values, common goals, communication & collaboration
  3. organisational innovation & upgrading
  4. integration of purpose, people & process toward profit & prosperity
  5. integration and coordination of creativity, innovation and intrapreneurship
    1. creative structural, system & service innovation
    1. creative market innovation – promotion & presence
    1. creative process innovation – productivity & penetration
    1. creative service & product innovation
    1. creative management & development of Human Resources & Capital, departments & teams
    1. creative leadership, generation, development & acquisition of Intellectual Capital & IP

Our Methodology is based on the active contribution of participants in achieving outcomes and results such as

  1. participants set up BHAG, PSC, OGSM, OKR, KSF & KPIs for the programme & activities themselves
  2. through leadership, organisation & management of workshop teams
  3. participation in teams & contribution to teamwork
  4. through innovation that focuses on higher work satisfaction & business success
  5. scaffolded coaching, guiding & mentoring / participant learning rather than teacher instruction
  6. participant input & outcome assessment
  7. a self-monitored & self-regulated work process
  8. peer-to-peer evaluation


    SECTION 2, ReTHINK | EXECUTIVE PROGRAMME: 2 Strategy Workshops

    SECTION 3, ReBUILD | EXPERT PROGRAMME: 2 System Workshops

    SECTION 4, ACTION | JOINT PROGRAMME: 1 Solution Workshop

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