AÎR Pure & AÎR Station, LIFE Enriched!

AÎR Pure Branding Strategy and CIS Visual design

AÎR Pure Showroom: Experience Space – AÎR Station

The AÎR Pure Showroom is the flagship shop space for launching and promoting the up-market, AÎR Pure brand.

The showroom space is located at the very back of the mini mall, elevated above the main 1st floor, removed from the main traffic and flow and with a lower ceiling and darker lighting. It is therefore not enough for the space to be a dynamic and comfortable space in which to promote the brand, it must attract visitors to inconvenience themselves to visit AÎR Pure from a distance.

To create “BRAND PULL”, it is necessary therefore first to notice the space from the mall windows on the street, and to make it the focal point when viewed from the entrance.

The concept of the showroom is a ‘floating lightbox’ that attracts the visitor’s attention despite the inconvenient location. In the otherwise calm and static space of the mall the bright, concentrated light, the strong lines of the box and the moving images on the large video screen on the back wall help AÎR Pure to stand out even before entering.

The showroom is not modelled as a conventional shop or office, but as an architectural pavilion nestling within the confines of the building. This lifts the level of the brand above simple commercial or professional interests. Creating a high-class experience space to promote ‘clean air services’ moves AÎR Pure from a B2B to a P2P business.

Investing in architecture goes beyond expectations to retail space in B2C business and places AÎR Pure among luxury brands.

The columns and floor of the mall are of black, shiny marble. The approach to the showroom is up 4 black marble steps. Creating two layers of glowing light under the floor of the ‘lightbox’ makes it appear to float inside the space. Modelling the spatial elements around a skylight atrium helps the space focus the space and communicate AÎR Pure’s pure spirit. The glossy finish on the curved bar feels sensuous and luxurious and the highly reflective, stainless-steel columns that hold the modular ceiling accentuate lightness and strength. Despite their size, the symmetrical light displays, and the video screen feel intimate. The sense of the space is at once puristic and professional; transparent and solid; open and dependable; friendly and light.

The modern stringency of form and colour gives the lightbox a sense of precision; of focus on the customer; passion for quality; care for comfort; and attention to every detail. The total experience of the visitor is of a high value brand: simplicity and sophistication; value and trust.

AÎR Me Spa: Well-being Hydrogen Spa

The ‘HydroGenesis Spa’ is the core of the ‘First-Class’ AÎR Me service concept.

While the AÎR Pure experience promotes ‘Total Pure Air Solutions’, the exclusive ‘Hydro-Genesis Spa’ area delivers “First Class” regenerative, well-being services. Utilising the same materials and sensibility in the personal, HHO spa spaces as in the AÎR Pure Experience Pavilion connects the up-market message of the brand with the personalised services at the spa.

Careful attention to the details of the customer experience at the spa lifts a simple technical service to a well-being experience. The space itself is long, narrow, and high. It could feel confined, instead the vertical lines accentuate the height, and the curved niches accentuate the breadth. As in an exclusive first-class airplane lounge, the limitations of the space are reversed to give the association of quality and luxury.

Like the treatment niches, the small service area is also neat and precise like the service area for the stewards in first class on board an airplane, giving a feeling of care and professionalism. The ‘airplane’ windows with photos of clouds at each of the two treatment stations gives a sense that this closed, dark space is suspended with endless, pure views like a first-class lounge in the high, unpolluted stratosphere.

The ‘HydroGenesis Spa’ is small and neat but augments the luxury and sophistication of the AÎR Station Experience, proving that AÎR Pure is not only an abstract exclusive promise, but tangible, high-class deliveries.

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