The Team

Chia-Ling Liao, Executive Director

Expertise: Business Management, Design Management, Branding and Strategic Development

Experience: Ms Liao joined Scandinavian Designers in Copenhagen, Denmark as Project Manager in 1997 and opened the Taiwan Studio in Taichung five years later in 2002.

A major figure in design in Taiwan, Ms Liao introduced Danish Design & the Scandinavian Modern Movement to the Taiwanese design community and general public through her articles as Scandinavian Correspondent the Taiwan Design Center’s magazine ‘Design’. Later, in 2003 she introduced them to the design icons and culture of Danish Design through the Danish Design Pavilion at the 1st Taiwan Creative Design Expo.

Under her leadership Scandinavian Designers was selected in 2005 as one of the Top Ten Industrial Design firms in Taiwan by the Taiwan Design Center. She has since built the studio up to become one of most diversified, interdisciplinary and best known in the country. Since returning to Taiwan, she has also helped government agencies and organisations to develop strategies for national industrial and commercial development.

Moving The Studio to the heart of Taichung’s famous and charming International Art Street District in 2011, Ms Liao was elected Chairperson of the Art Street Commercial Association in 2012 and became Founding Chairperson of the Taichung Art Street Cultural Creative District Association the same year.

Education: Commercial Design at National Taichung Institute of Technology (now the National Taichung University of Science and Technology (NTIT) and The Danish Design School (now The School of Design at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts).


Gideon Loewy (Lu Wei), Design Director

Expertise: Strategic Development, Architecture, Design & Branding

Experience: Mr Loewy (Löwy or Lowy) founded Loewy Design Denmark in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1982, and Scandinavian Designers  Studio in Taichung, Taiwan in 2002.

Founding Loewy Design Denmark in 1982 he began his career with renowned designs for Bang & Olufsen, Bing & Groendahl (now Royal Copenhagen) and Louis Poulsen. Since then, design has literally taken him round the world; first to  the US in 1986 and then to Asia in 1995. Spending more and more time in Asia he eventually became a Professor of Design at a University in Taiwan and founded Scandinavian Design Consultant Co., Ltd. with Ms Liao in 2002. He became Design Director in 2003 and for the past 10 years he has  been responsible for every design emerging from the Scandinavian Designers Studio, Taichung.

A recognised educator and founder of the discipline of ‘Future Design’, Mr Loewy is a well-known figure in the international design community and respected as one of the profession’s leading Design Philosophers and Theoreticians. Known for his work on creativity, innovation and the development of better futures through design he has been a regular speaker at international conferences and congresses since the early 1990’s.

International Liaison of the Board of the Danish Design Association from 1990 and Vice President from 1999 till his move to Taiwan in 2002, Mr Loewy represented Denmark internationally and laid the seeds of Denmark’s current design policy (Design Denmark 2020) through the green papers ‘Visionen for Designlandet Danmark’ for the Ministry of Culture (1997) and ‘Design Hub Oeresund’ (2000). He has been both a judge and recipient of numerous international design awards and competitions and was Visiting Professor at Seoul National University Institute of Design 2007 – 8. He has also been a  consultant to Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), to Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and the Taichung City Government.

Education: Master Degree (MAA & MDD) 1981 from Institute of Design, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark

Yi-Chun Lai, Designer

Head of  Architecture and Space 

Expertise: Architectural Design, Space Design| Green Architecture, Construction, Private Homes, Commercial Interiors, Retail Design etc. + Project, Construction and Site Management

Education: Interior Design, Construction, Building Design

Amenda Liu, Designer

Head of Communication, Graphic & Packaging Design

Expertise: Graphic Design| Packaging,  Corporate Identity,
Logos & Icons, Branding, Printing , Graphic and Colour Management etc. + Project Management

Education: Visual Communication, Art University Bournemouth UK

Koni Chao, Designer

Head of  Industrial Design 

Expertise: Product Design |, Research & Trend Study, CAID 3D Simulation,
Graphic User Interface, Product Identity, etc. + Project Management

Education:  Product Design, Ming Chuan University

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