2020 Taichung HO!HO!HO! Xmas Magic

Concept: City of Joy, Magic Rivers, Exciting Plazas

Concept Introduction

Taichung citizens are industrious people. Taichung is a prosperous city of business, manufacturing, production, agriculture, trading. We work hard. Prosperity gives time for enjoy leisure activities and to appreciate beauty. The fruits of our labour are Culture and The Arts. Christmas is a time to appreciate and share the fruits of the year together.

  1. THE MESSAGE OF CHRISTMAS | Christmas celebrates the idea of International Peace. Peace happens when there is harmony between nations, cultures & people. The Taichung Christmas Festival connects Taichung with friends celebrating in other parts of the world. This is especially poignant in the year of COVID-19. This year, we propose to focus on connection.
  • CHRISTMAS IS A FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS | In Western countries, Christmas originally celebrated the return of longer days at Winter Solstice. Today, Christmas has become an inclusive, global event. Cities all over the world and in every culture, celebrate by setting up Christmas Trees and lighting up their neighbourhoods with festive lights. In Taichung it is already a beloved tradition inviting families, friends and tourists to come together in the evenings to be amazed by the lights around the riverside parks. This year, within the theme on connection we propose to focus not only on Taichung citizens, but on Taiwanese tourists. Because of COVID-19 the event cannot focus on promotion to foreign visitors. The festival aims therefore to connect 1) the riverside parks to each other 2) connect the festival to the surrounding neighbourhoods and 3) to collaborate with the hotels in the area attract tourism domestic tourism and 4) to use TVBS to connect to other Christmas events in Taiwan and to the media.
    • Taichung Christmas Trees – one in each zone
    • ASEAN Plaza – S. East Asian Market
    • Taichung City Hotel Zone – Christmas-themed visit offers
    • The Magic of Christmas in Taiwan –other TVBS Christmas projects in Taiwan
    • Digital Christmas – TV &social media coverage & promotion
  • AN OPEN-AIR CHRISTMAS PARTY | At the Christmas Festival, citizens and visitors can gather along the riverside parks after a busy day at work and school and enjoy the special Taichung Christmas Spirit together. The idea of Christmas is an exciting time for children; they are full of expectation and hope. For adults, Christmas is a time to relax with family and friends; they are happy and calm. These two emotions are physically separated into two venues that focus on each their spirit. Because they are different do not compete with each other for visitors or attention.
    • LiuChuan Christmas Party – main event
    • Green Waterway Christmas Magic – side event
  • LIUCHUAN: THE FEELING OF JOY | Christmas is a time to remember and share good fortune. In the evenings, most people – especially families – will visit the main venue at Liuchuan. Here we propose to create a breath-taking display that excites the senses and rekindles a childish sense of wonder in the visitors’ hearts.
    1. LiuChuan Christmas Party – displays, music andentertainment
    1. LiuChuan Christmas Tree – Ribbon Concept by Zamama
  • GREEN WATERWAY : THE SPIRIT OF PEACE | At Green Waterway we propose to create a calm breathing-space where people can find peace and harmony together in the middle of our exciting, busy, and intense city. Here people can stroll and experience the beautiful poetry of light art and delight in the magical, unexpected, interactive effects.
    1. Green Waterway Christmas Magic – Beautiful, Poetic, Mysterious & Magic
    1. Green Waterway Christmas Tree – Mirror Tree & Light Concept by Scandinavian Designers

MAGICAL | Special Technology & Techniques

  1. Digital Fence, an innovative technology that allows smartphone GPS to locate, register and interact with visitors, both giving them information and adapting the environment to their presence and movement
  2. Underwater Light Effects, waterproof floating, down-lighting & submersed LED lights & strips
  3. Mist Effects, for projecting magical, animated, laser-light stories

Green Waterway, Special Magical Effects

  1. Magic Mirror Tree, a Christmas Tree made of mirror-finished metal strips on which to project laser lights – a mobile that reflects sunlight during the day and laser at night
  2. Underwater Light Calligraphy, LED light-strips bent to write Chinese characters in the flowing river – Christmas messages in different languages written in light in the river

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