JGP 捷普綠點客製化高階教育訓練研習營

Jabil Greenpoint (JGP) is a US business-to-business engineering company with 50 years of experience in manufacturing and automation, supply chain and logistics, and design and engineering services distributed across more than 100 locations in 30 countries. Globally, they have more than 250,000 employees, 25,000 suppliers and they service 250 top brands. Their annual revenue in 2022 was US$33B total revenue of which Apple accounts for 20% – especially earned from JPG operations in China.

In late 2022, Jabil Greenpoint Taiwan asked us to run a Strategic Leadership Day for their China and Taiwan management group just after New Year 2023. The event was planned for 10 executives. Our Corporate Training Roles for this day were divided between Expert, Facilitator, and Mentoring Tasks.

The purpose of the “MindShift” Day was to explore, guide and align the leadership group’s responses to today’s changing geopolitical and global business landscape and to review their NextStep©. The theme of the Executive Future Leadership Workshop was “Turning Local Threats into Global Opportunities”. After a constructive ‘Icebreaking Game’, the Event Map for the morning session addressing External Factors was a carefully orchestrated series of thinking steps to help the group envision diverse future scenarios and outcomes. To start with a ‘birds-eye’ view the event opened with an introduction to Systems Stress, Change and Crisis Management, to Creativity, Complexity and Chaos and ended with the Scandinavian Designers’ ‘FutureForecasting Hand©’ and ‘NextStep Bridge©’.

The afternoon session addressing Internal Factors took the group though discussions of ‘Future MindSet & ValueCreation’, before tackling Steps of Industrial Upgrading and the innovative focus of Future Industry the naturing of Human and Intellectual Capital. These activities led up to a Shift&Gap|Lead&Lag© analysis and discussion of JPG’s positioning strategy in relation to Scandinavian Designers’ ‘5S + 1 Upgrading Grid & Niches’ before relating the day’s findings to current geopolitical developments after and changes in the global business landscape in the context of the Green Economy, NetZero 2030 Targets, Circular Economics and Sustainable Supply Chains.

The event was supported by a 24-page ‘MindShift Workbook’ with sections addressing: the structure and goals of the Alignment for Action activities; outline of sections; work pages for each step of the workshop journey; a journey map with stations; and a Shifts&Gaps|Lead&Lag© work chart. To make progress and learnings measurable every step concluded with a Project Metric Statement like BHAG, OGSM or OKR to complete before moving to the next phase. The JGP Executive Leadership Workshop concluded with a “Feedback-to-Self” activity for the participants to record their take-aways.


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