Private House,游公館別墅,帝堡二期

Private House with Italian Courtyard, Yunlin (2011)

This is the second home we created for a cultural couple close to the University Campus in Yunlin City, Central Taiwan. The first one is featured here: Private Home for Professional Couple, Yunlin.

This house in an upmarket, gated community was our first architectural design project in Central Taiwan. Inspiration for the structure and style of the home is developed around the Italian Courtyard we created in the entrance area of the 1F. It has a very high ceiling and is designed not only to be comfortable and airy, but to have excellent acoustics – as is the home theatre with the waved concert-hall ceiling and surround sound on 2F.

The open areas of 1F and  2F are dedicated cultural activities such as Home Concerts, gourmet evenings, film screenings as well as receptions and parties. The open plan of 1F also features a huge, South European country-style (but fully-equipped, modern) kitchen and a large dining table with Hans Wegner chairs. At the rear also features an extra bedroom. Behind the entertainment area of the 2F is the couple’s living quarters, a spa with a steam room as well as a guest room. 3F has a library with an office and meeting table, and a separate office. Each floor has a terrace.


Private House,游公館別墅,帝堡二期-21 Private House, 游公館別墅,帝堡二期 Private House,游公館別墅,帝堡二期-19 Private House,游公館別墅,帝堡二期-18 Private House,游公館別墅,帝堡二期-17 Private House,游公館別墅,帝堡二期-16 Private House,游公館別墅,帝堡二期-15 Private House,游公館別墅,帝堡二期-14 Private House,游公館別墅,帝堡二期-13 Private House, 游公館別墅,帝堡二期-12 Private House

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