Maruili Nordic Bakery

Here at Maruili we are passionate about the Nordic Lifestyle of happiness and health. Nordic People rank among the Happiest and Healthiest People in the World. In Norway, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden, the Nordic Culture of Happiness and Health comes from the ideal of a simple and pure lifestyle close to Nature and the four seasons.

Maruili and the Nordic Experience

The experience of Nordic Happiness is defined by 5 key concepts:

Lagom (Balance), Sisu (Passion), Fika (Sharing), Hygge (Contentment) and Friluftsliv (a life in Harmony with Nature and the Seasons)

At Maruili Nordic Bakery Café, you will find Lagom and Sisu in our baking and light meals, Fika and Hygge in the café and Friluftsliv in the sense of harmony with nature found in the spirit of our store. Welcome to the Maruili Experience!

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