Laser Clock,SDC,雷射造型時鐘,北歐設計

Laser Clock-SDC

The laser beam clock reviews  the concept of time-keeping with modern technology.

The movement of the two beams are at one time traditional and revolutionary in that they represent time in the familiar format, but move smoothly and silently without the ticking of the normal mechanical clock.

At every quarter if the hour the beam flashes beyond the clock onto the surrounding walls, ceiling or floor to mark the passage of time just as clocks in older times chimed.


Laser Clock,SDC,雷射造型時鐘,北歐設計 Laser Clock,SDC,雷射造型時鐘,北歐設計 Laser Clock,SDC,雷射造型時鐘,北歐設計

One thought on “Laser Clock-SDC

  1. Hay,
    Great concept. Is there a working model yet?
    Perhaps it can incorporate Amazon Echo technology within its body and connect to Alexa .

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