Helios universal design TV remote control,TECO,Helios通用電視遙控器,東元電機

Helios universal design TV remote control,TECO,Helios

A Remote Control for All

Whoever we are, old or young; stylish or technical; woman or man – we all wish for a better remote control. Most of the time we want to keep it simple: TV on or off; volume up or down; zap channels; mute; – and that’s it. Programming we do on-screen.

The conventional TV remote control has become overly complicated to use. The TECO remote restates this familiar product in the terms and technology of the 21 st century. It redefines function, form and feeling in terms of the relation between people, process and products. It redefines functionality by applying readily available new technology that has become everyday to ordinary users since the formulation of the remote we know today.

Helios was the name of the Greek god of the Sun of antiquity. The TECO Helios of today is a hand-held, sculptural disc of light that gives us access to the world of digital media. Functionally, it is designed to be friendly, accessible and easy to use. Its form is designed to be a pleasure to hold, to look at and to use. Emotionally, it is designed to be a simple pleasure to live with.

The Helios is an intelligent solution, a natural stepping-stone between person and technical object. It is a step away from the masculine “remote” control wand of the 20 th century and a step toward an “intimate” soft, feminine object of the 21 st century that can do everything a technical remote can do, but better.

It is an intuitive answer for the design of a remote for our time. Emotionally, the Helios builds on familiar, friendly and universal forms. Functionally, its layout is familiar, immediately understood and easily manipulated, by anyone, anywhere. Technically, it builds on globally familiar mouse & joystick engineering.

A sleeping form resting on the sofa-table until it wakes and lights up at a touch, the Helios contains advanced technology, but is functionality is simple and absolutely non -technical. Though distinctive, it is friendly and discrete. A comforting “water-worn stone” to sit with in one’s hand, and a hand-size sculpture floating above a gently glowing light when activated, it is designed to be a functional and emotional delight.

Helios universal design TV remote control,TECO,Helios通用電視遙控器,東元電機  Helios universal design TV remote control,TECO,Helios通用電視遙控器,東元電機 Helios universal design TV remote control,TECO,Helios通用電視遙控器,東元電機

Helios universal design TV remote control,TECO,Helios通用電視遙控器,東元電機

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