Floating Workstation,Founder, 漂浮工作站,芳德企業

Floating Workstation-Founder

Flat-pack, customisable, integrated computer work-station .

Customer defines size and height of table. Extruded legs, frame and table-top can then be cut to measure, before delivery. Wide range of choice of materials for table top are available, including tempered glass.

CPU stores in ventilated cabinet. All cables concealed in table legs and frame, exiting only at floor level and on table top .

Gravity-cast, aluminum corner joint is butted to frame and leg; extruded ellipsoid aluminum legs and frame; optional materials for tabletop (here shown with tempered glass top).

Especially notable are the sensual curves achieved with the aluminum gravity casting of the corner joint, the transition between the casting and the extruded aluminum frame and legs and the floating effect of the tabletop on the frame.


 Floating Workstation,Founder,漂浮工作站,芳德企業 Floating Workstation,Founder,漂浮工作站,芳德企業 

Floating Workstation,Founder,漂浮工作站,芳德企業 Floating Workstation,Founder,漂浮工作站,芳德企業

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