2019 Creative Taichung

2019 Creative City – Happy Taichung

The idea of ‘A Better Tomorrow’ is that human ingenuity can improve our Quality of Life. Ingenuity combines Knowledge and Creativity. Traditionally, we have focused on knowledge as our most important national resource. For a better tomorrow in today’s global culture we now need to develop creativity.

FROM INDUSTRY TO CULTURE. Today, people move wherever they believe they will have the best chances and enjoy the best life. Cities compete globally for the best human resources. Never have so many people been so mobile in their search for a ‘Better Tomorrow’. When a city focuses on creating a high a Quality of Life for its citizens, natives will stay, tourists will want to visit, new citizens will want to come to live and business will flourish.

CREATIVE CITY. In 2002 Richard Florida, an American professor of urban studies, formulated the concept of a new class of people who are generating the wealth of the future. He called these idea people ‘Creatives’ and said that they would be attracted to live, work and set up new businesses in places with high scores in the 3T’s: Tech, Talent and Tolerance. Being a melting pot of science-based industry and innovation, higher education and creativity and of cultural diversity and openness, Taichung scores high in all three.

DYNAMIC CITY. Without business and resources however, a city cannot flourish and attract new talent. We should therefore also add two more T’s to make 5T’s with which to measure our competitiveness: Trade and Territory. Taichung scores high again as a major trading hub in the global supply-chain and a territory that offers world-class amenities to both citizens, visitors, newcomers and new businesses.

FROM PURPOSE TO HAPPINESS. In Taiwan, for decades we have mainly focused on knowledge, work and innovation in order to grow Industrial Power: Manufacturing, Commerce and Wealth. Now that we have achieved material security for today, we can begin to think of a culture for tomorrow.

HAPPY CITY. In recent years, Taichung has emerging as a Cultural City with a new, future-oriented focus based on creativity, playfulness and imagination. A new generation of Creatives in Taichung are contributing Creative Power toward making this a city of Culture, Leisure and Happiness.

5T’s TO FUTURE TAICHUNG. For many years, Taichung has been renowned internationally as the city in Taiwan, maybe indeed in the whole region, with the highest Quality of Life. As our high scores in the 5T’s show, if we continue to develop our Tech, Talent, Tolerance, Trade and Territory we can achieve both Purpose and Happiness, and both a ‘Better Tomorrow’ and a ‘Happy Taichung’ for us all!

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